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About Security CPD Global Ltd
About Us

Security CPD Global Ltd

Security CPD Global is a Security Industry-Specific and independent CPD company.

Designed for Security Industry by actively employed Security Professionals for the purpose of accrediting Security-related Training, Skills, and Seminars.

If your company is focused on security then we want to talk to you, so that together, we can improve the security industry as a whole, with relevant and peer assessed training and development. 

We always clearly indicate our Training, Seminars and in Achievement certificates as CPD programs or events and not on Regulated RQF, however, this by no means reduces the Quality of the course or Event 


   Covert Surveillance



Our main focus is on Security-relevant continuous professional development, however, we work with a wide range of industries that also require additional support, so we have added relevant content for non-security entities, which does not detract from our primary security-orientated solutions. Let’s look at what we mean by “Security” as it’s an enormous subject once you start breaking it down into component parts. Without C-Suite direction, security becomes ineffective or non-existent leaving the entity open to a wide range of litigation, loss, theft, corruption, and ultimately Client/Customer disapproval. 

Enhance your security provision with an integrated process involving HR, Accounts, IT,  Supply Chain, Compliance and of course Physical Security as each plays an important part in contemporary Security. There’s no point in wasting valuable resources, when you can develop personnel to complete vital roles that you currently purchase. Although employees love a pay rise, the one thing that prevents most from leaving is personal development whilst having a feeling of being valued and respected, with prospects for promotion or role change. 

How can we help

We can provide independent Cyber and Physical Penetration Testing, along with Mystery Shopper services to identify vulnerabilities and provide specialist services to protect the business and its assets  

The provision of training and support in a wide range of disciplines that will enhance performance and productivity 

  • IQA and EQA services 
  • Course Development
  • CPD Accreditation for your Courses 

Security Continual Professional Development

Programs and Courses

Security CPD Global Ltd is currently the only Security specialised and independent security accreditation company, that serves the UK & International Security Companies with their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Our mission is to provide a valuable service to the wider Security Industry, enabling them to develop professional training, seminars, and knowledge that is specific to the security operative rather than generic programs.

We fully support Individuals and companies in seeking accredited qualifications with awarding organisations worldwide, as this progresses the skills and knowledge of security operatives. We, therefore, support each person, company, or entity through dedicated security-related CPD programs that increase knowledge and skills in preparing security operatives for the field they choose to work in.

Registered  UKPRN – 10087958


Providing Training

Security Specific Accredited CPD

Our aim is to provide Security professionals with the ability to accredit their own courses and develop their training portfolios, where there are no currently relevant UK-RQF or internationally recognised qualifications or to enable Security Managers to develop or use our sytems to prepare their Security Operatives for attending complex regulated courses, we do this by breaking down the elements into bite size chunks that can be learnt over time ensuring they clearly understand the principles and practices which in turn allows your team to demonstrate a comittment to higher education whilst becoming more productive and versatile within the company.

Security CPD Training Providers


Security CPD Global consultants come from a wide cross section of the Security Industry and have many years of experience within their own specialisms which include the following:
- Private Investigations
- Close Protection
- Risk and Crisis Management
- Licensed Retail
- Corporate Security
- Covert Security
- CCTV Operations
- Accreditation development.
Our Consultants are members of several Professional Associations which include Security Institute, IIRSM, IIAI and the Association of Security Consultants

Psychology of a CP Operative

Accreditation & Awards

One of our specialities is aiding companies and our members gain Accreditations, Awards and setting up training Centres with Awarding Organisations (AO) ensuring all of your processes and procedures are seen as exemplary with our formally qualified IQA and EQA's we can ensure your training department maintains its good status with your AO. We have arleady helped many of our members obtain both Bronze and Silver accreditation with the AFC, as well as aiding them through things like Safer Contractor, SMAS, SSIP, ECLAS and ISO 9001, 45001 & the SIA - ACS process

Seminar and Activity CPD

Online Learning

Qualify at Home or Reduce time in the Classroom. We offer a wide range of On line training supported by the Highfield Awarding Organisation's LMS system allowing learners to complete short courses in the comfort of their own home Several of the courses reduce the amount of time required for attendees to be away from work, relieving the cost of time off or replacement of staff Some of our clients wish additional training so we can use the additional time we save by online learning to complete additional specific training such as in first aid we can add CPD certified Incident Management course using the free time gained

Supporting Our Members

We provide our members with a wide variety of information, and access to trusted suppliers who may offer discounts and special offers only available through Security CPD Global Ltd.

We fully support Awarding Organisations who we are not in competition with and will work with them to engage learners in regulated qualifications, as we believe regulated qualification is essential to career development and promotes professionalism. 

We also support Government Departments in spreading the Security & Safety message in the Interests of National Security and Public Awareness. Security CPD Global Ltd are proud members of the Armed Forces Covenant and can help your company support our military and veteran community.

We support all members of the wider Security Industry, from the Security Guard to the Director of Services

Security Industry CPD Organisations

Developing Courses & CPD

With access to a wide range of Security CPD Global Ltd Members who provide formal regulated training and who are happy to support your business in obtaining Ofqual Regulated Courses. Alternatively, our team of specialists can develop CPD programs to suit your specific needs such as additional content to training. The team will be happy to help our members with any questions or queries. We are able to help with providing Instructors in specialist areas or aid your instructors in obtaining qualifications or experience.

Security CPD Training Providers

Training & Development

One of the essentials to a good Security team is training and development of your personnel, especially when introducing new members or increasing the skill sets of older ones to match current regulations or client requests, as we have done with several of our members who where eager for promotion but lacked managerial knowledge, so we trained them using our 35 years of active security management knowledge to develop an online and face to face program allowing them to be promoted by their company who have now given them full-time positions as managers, within the first month they had already save money and increased productivity of the Security Team.

Security CPD Courses

Specialist Program Development

It can be a daunting task developing a training program suitable for delivery to security personnel or to your clients, so we have sector competent instructors and course writers that can help you develop either a CPD training programme or a regulated RQF course which you can then take to an Awarding Organisation for listing on the Regulated Qualification Framework.
We pride ourselves on being able and willing to work with these organisations for the benefit of the industry.

What Our Members Say

Security CPD Global Ltd have helped us develop our training program, ensuring our clients are consistently providing our company with great reviews .
Close Protection Executive Training
I have a new saying thanks to Security CPD who have been there for us through thick and thin, providing knowledge and helping us grow
Civil Enforcement Officer
I was unsure about signing up, but I'm glad I did, as I've probably saved a fortune by getting unbiased advice and direction that you just don't get from else where .
Maritime Security
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