Afghanistan 2021

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The world is watching the situation in Afghanistan 

After Taliban fighters reached Kabul on August 15, the leadership announced that there will be no bloodshed. There will also be no celebration. Since the world is closely watching Kabul, the leadership is cautious about not sending a wrong message to the world through any misstep, especially in Kabul.

On Tuesday, an interview of a Taliban spokesperson was telecast on Tolo News and a female news presenter interviewed Taliban spokesperson Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad.

“We said to them, look, a female is going to interview you,” Saad Mohseni, the founder of TOLO News told the Guardian. “And they said fine. They could have easily have said sc*** you – they run the country, they can do whatever they want,” Saad Mohseni said. The news channel briefly sent its female reporters home on Sunday after the Taliban reached Kabul but then it became “business-as-usual”.

Words Versus Actions

Words versus action

However, the gap between the Taliban’s words and actions has already started showing. Reports said women and children at Kabul airport were attacked by Taliban fighters. A woman was reportedly killed in Takhar province for not wearing a burqa. In Bamyan, Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari’s statue has been blown up, an amusement park in Sheberghan has been set on fire as there were idols and idols are illegal in Islam.

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