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We are hosting a Level 3 Executive Close Protection Course (RQF)

 Email: for booking (Cost £3,000.00 – Inclusive)

This will be no ordinary course – Your days and nights will be dedicated to Skills, Knowledge and Practical Exercises with the emphasis on learning, practicing and becoming Proficient – if you just want a badge – go to one of the commercial companies, but if your dedicated to being a BG and want a career then this course is for you – Advanced techniques taught daily with manuals and handouts that explain every step, designed for you to create your own specialist folder and aide memoire 

Our Instructors were the first group to qualify in the SIA CP-PI and are well versed in CP Operations 

Alternative Roles and Responsibilities of Close Protection Operative (1)

Close Protection (CP)

Close Protection is a specialist trade within the Security Industry, which relates to those wishing to Protect UHNW, VIPs, and their Property or Assets. Within the UK there is no concession for an Armed Role as it remains illegal to carry a Firearm in the Protection of an Individual. (The armed roles within the UK are undertaken by the Police or Military).

Prior to the SIA the Close Protection Executive was considered to be a specialist with similar knowledge to that of a consultant and within the higher pay grades this is still true today, and to gain credibility within the industry you will need to maintain CPD and have a higher level of understanding of a wide range of security subjects.

Being a Close Protection Operative/Executive requires a great deal of dedication and financial investment in yourself, as well as time served on the ground within the role, whether it is as a PPO or part of the PES, RST, or Driver. You will need to be proactive in acquiring a wide range of skill sets and knowledge as well as proficiency in things like Skiing, Horse Riding, and Executive Driving which includes Chauffer skills and you may well consider Maritime skills for those VIP trips on their private Yachts   

The SIA changed this course in April 2022 and the requirements have been updated, you must hold a recognised First Aid Certificate (The Industry-standard by employers is currently F-POS(I) or FREC 3) However some will require HCPC qualified Paramedic or equivalent 

Security CPD Global Ltd provides a wide range of top-up training and professional development aimed at the dedicated operator, enabling them to enhance their skill sets and knowledge enabling them to work towards a higher proficiency than that offered by many current training providers. 

  • Operational Planning
  • Covert Operations (Recce’s, Surveillance and CTR’s)
  • Intelligence
  • Search & Electronic Devices   

The training should consist of:

  • Principles of Working as a Close Protection Operative in the Private Security Industry
  • Working as a Close Protection Operative in the Private Security Industry
  • Application of conflict management in the private security industry
  • Principles of Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry
  • Principles of Working as a Door Supervisor for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry
  • Application of Physical Intervention Skills for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry
  • Application of physical intervention skills in the private security industry

The total qualification time (TQT) for this qualification is 235 hours, and of this, 194 hours are guided learning hours (GLH).

The training, delivery, and assessment of this qualification must take place over a minimum of 18 days (whether self-study is used or not), and each day of training, delivery, and assessment must not exceed 11.5 hours.

Roles within Close Protection:

  • Personal Protection Officer (PPO)
  • Personal Escort Section (PES)
  • Residential Security Team (RST)
  • Security Advance Party (SAP)
  • Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Intelligence Officer (IO)
  • Quarter Master (QM)

The role of TSCM, Anti-Drone, and the Cyber Security Officer has become more prominent within the UHNW and VIP teams due to the increase in use by a wider selection of individuals using electronic devices. It is therefore important that you make yourself aware, if not proficient of this new emerging threat to a VIP’s business, lifestyle, and Image.

Personal Security Detail (PSD) Traditionally they have been operating in places like Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and on-board Ships protecting against Piracy

Firearms Training

It is an essential requirement to be proficient and up to date with your weapons handling skills, and you should invest in a quality set of training or refresher courses, whether ex-military or not. Many civilians end up shooting themselves in the rear, the leg, or foot because they haven’t completed fit-for-purpose weapons training – You’ll need to practice weapon drills in a vehicle, on foot, in building clearing, and lots more to ensure both you and those around you remain safe.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Armed Response to Hostile Attack of the Protected Building, Vehicles, Persons under their Protection
  • On-Going Reconnaissance of an Area
  • These teams should have advanced weapons and tactical experience.
  • They may be required to forcefully enter buildings, rooms, or other secure places to rescue and extract fallen team members or the Principal and members of their party.
  • Their primary role is Armed Security of an asset with an Authority to use Lethal Force under certain rules of engagement.

We are firm supporters of the British Bodyguard Association and would recommend joining them if you are dedicated to being a part of a professional Organisation. They also provide a free CPD App which you can use to aid you in your career development 

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