Working with the Security Services for a Safer Britain

CPNI & the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) have produced a wide range of online courses on protecting your business follow the links below for relevant information

Insider Threat  

Scenario-Based Exercises

This type of training has multiple benefits and not just in worst-case scenarios but in developing management and staff across a wide range of roles whilst developing teamwork, and understanding your resources and limitations (Each picture provides a link to EA, the NHS and CPNI where more information can be obtained from Government sources)

                     Environmental Impact 

Sometimes the environment can be our downfall, especially during storms, heatwaves, and snowfalls, preparedness helps reduce the impacts on businesses 

   Medical Emergency

These can literally happen anywhere anytime, with both personal and social impacts, our response must be adequate, quick, and safe. Teams must have both medical knowledge and scene safety  

Security Incident 

Security CPD Courses

Security Breaches and incidents can be anything from theft to a Marauding Terrorist Attack (MTA) and our response must be commensurate with the threat to the public and understanding our role and what to do must become second nature  

Scenarios and role-play exercises create a picture of our preparedness and provide us with a real-time understanding of our own vulnerabilities within our working environment. They are informative to both Security Practitioners and our Employees. Sometimes we can also involve the Emergency Services to enable them to practice their skills and create a positive relationship that will be beneficial in a real emergency situation.

These exercises need to be managed to ensure the safety of the personnel involved and prevent eagerness to turning into a real casualty.    

The Night-Time Entertainment Industry and Licensed Retail require a wide range of skill sets due to their role in protecting vulnerable persons.

They must be aware of suspicious activities whether from predators spiking drinks to terrorists intent on causing harm to patrons. Their job role regularly involves dealing with aggressive behaviour or violence fueled by intoxication and or drugs. They remain in the front line against drug dealers plying their trade to intoxicated revelers. 

All Security Operatives must complete the ACT E-Learning program designed by Highfields Awarding Organisation in association with NaCTSO, and provides a wealth of knowledge in aiding in preventing or dealing with Terrorist Attacks. These programs should be completed by anyone taking on responsibility for Security and Public Safety

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