Covert Security Equipment

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Covert Security Equipment

Equipment has its place within any operation, but it must be deployed correctly to be a useful asset within the investigators/Surveillance Operatives armoury. There is now some great Covert Security Equipment available to buy to anyone.

We have specifically looked into a wide range of devices and suppliers to find effective equipment that can support the operative. We were then asked so many questions about deployment and other issues we decided to create a specific course.

Providing Training

Professional Equipment to buy

Both the Rock and Pebble systems are standalone Digital Video Recorder that also allows you to live stream HD video over the Wi-Fi Network.
By downloading the app and connecting the camera to a router, you can take full remote control of your camera, including all features and remote file download. The DVR allows you to set up and change motion detection levels, as well as manually activate low light mode or have it turn on at a time of your choice. Each item comes in a safe peli case

This DVR Mimics the standard House brick enabling it to be deployed in any suitable area and is self-contained Just drop it on the ground open the App and start watching the activity, or leave it on record and download the video at your leisure with direct Wi-Fi within 30ft or add the multi- network sim card and view anywhere in the world

Creating your own is also very easy with the Ghost mini and accessories enable you to adapt to the ground very easily and without fuss so long as you maintain the same principles of camouflage and concealment used within surveillance   

Information Pending on Covert Coffee mug Device 

Covert Camera Back Pack is ideal for Mystery Shopper, CTRs and Licensing Test Purchasings projects, as it has recording direct to a secure platform and is viewable on your mobile  

Equipment on the Market

We found the underwater camera with a screen in a compact box an excellent piece of kit for rapid deployment and its plug and go, works perfectly out of the water so can be used for watching trigger points, or monitoring vehicles behind you. It’s actually designed for fishing but we say if it works for our purposes then why not use it – especially if your budget doesn’t extend to professional tech kit.   

The Canon DSLR series are fairly robust and well worth the investment, especially when you consider the cost of Lens, and other accessories, however, Nikon and Olympus also have a great range of cameras for those that are prepared to spend the money. The Olympus is also Mirrorless so you can continue shooting without the click of the shutter 


Rock or Pepple          House Brick        Backpack or    Rural special designs

Off The Shelf Equipment

We found this little beauty on Amazon, which came with a telephoto lens attachment and infrared night vision illuminator for DSLR cameras, giving us the ability to video short distances in darkness.

Using the camera with the x 12 Telephoto lens needs some practice, but provides a fairly good quality image at long range, and it’s also a cheap addition to your surveillance kit, with this video supporting 24 Mega Pixels Supporting Face Detection its a handy little device but beware if you are using at night, you’ll need to adapt or purchase something a little different.


Ghillie Suit

Used by Military Snipers, Wildlife Hunters, and Paparazzi to help blend them into their surroundings, Ghillie Suits are relatively cheap off the internet, but if you need it quite often then it’s well worth investing in something a lot more robust and adaptable to a wide range of surrounding.

Audio and Tracking Devices

As well as a warning for something to be aware of, these Vape cases can be adapted extremely easily and made as audio devices or fitted with trackers dependent on your requirements. The world has become frightening with the advancement of technology and the shrinking of devices to pinhole sizes. However, operatives must be fully conversant with what’s possible and how to counter any threats these pose to them or others.

The Ghost DVR remote system provides immediate recording via your mobile phone and is ideal for Private Investigators 

some equipment can be adapted as ordinary objects to prevent fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour 

Covert Audio Devices

Spy Cameras

It is important to understand both UK Law and any Oversea Laws similar to the Communications Act 2003 which prohibit the use of communication devices as any evidence may well be deemed inadmissible in court, whilst opening you up to a criminal offence.

More Covert Security Equipment

If you have found some specific equipment that you believe would be of use to other security specialists we would appreciate the chance to add it to this page. Feel free to contact us and tell us what it is and how you use it within your role. 

Here’s something we made for a rather sensitive job some time ago which was an audio device

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