First Aid Training For Security Professionals

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First Aid Training For Security Professionals

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First Aid Training For Security Professionals

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Security CPD Global now offer First Aid at Work part 1 training online through our Awarding Body allowing you to reduce the time in face-to-face training contact for more information

First Aid is a very important part of everyday life, let alone within the Security Industry, who are most often, than not, First Persons on the Scene to either Minor or Major incidents, this is why First Aid Training For Security Professionals is so essential as CPD.

Security Personnel should now hold a minimum of Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) in compliance with SIA Regulations that are now in force across the UK, however, is this really sufficient for the work they are doing or the likely injuries they may face, especially those operating within Major Events such as Glastonberry, O2, Wembley, and other such Festivals.

Over the Covid 19 Pandemic Period, we have seen a rise in Domestic Violence, Demonstrations, Violent Assaults, and Mental Health Issues, some of which have led to the sad loss of life, therefore our response to this rise, as Clients, Owners, and Security Operatives should be to encourage the upskilling our teams, to encompass those incidents that they may well face in the future.

By establishing robust, innovative, and dedicated training providers, that clearly understand the Security Professional’s role in contemporary Britain, we can forge ongoing relations to reduce costs and implement the relevant changes to enhance the effectiveness of our entire team, through the implementation of Continuous Professional Development held on a regular basis which enhances knowledge, skills, and professionalism which will be noted by clients and the general public.


Dispelling Myths within First Aid 

Fact-checking is now a popular modern term so we thought it prudent to provide you with access to those that either know or are the Regulatory Authorities relating to First Aid: Please always follow the guidelines as laid down by your Awarding Body and if you feel they are wrong, email their lead EQA and explain your concerns, quoting any relevant Legislation or Guidelines from Official Sources.

The PDF below will provide you with links to Resuscitation Council and other guidelines.

Medical Institutions

We are pleased to be Members of the Mental Health Charter, which we support, and will be providing further information in the next couple of weeks and months – we will also be putting some information files relating to Mental Health within the Security Industry.

We are now able to offer a wide range of Mental Health courses and information with our lead Consultant Dr. Rachael Rimmer who will be able to provide general and specific insights into a wide range of issues from

  • PTSD
  • Maintaining a Positive Mindset
  • MH Seminars & Masterclasses
  • Mindfulness Well Being

For more advanced Medical needs Celox is a world leader in the provision of Trauma anti-coagulants stopping life-threatening bleeding is recognized as the most urgent need for emergency service personnel responding to trauma.

Severe blood loss makes it worse by causing clotting deficiency (ATC) and some patients will be on undisclosed anti-coagulant medication.

There may also be multiple patients to assess and treat at one incident, adding to the urgency.

Celox treatments for life-threatening bleeding are used by a wide range of military and civilian medical services.

Emergency First Aid within Close Protection

Whilst operating as a Close Protection Operative you should only consider F-POS(I)/FREC as the minimum and Para-Med/AEMT as the ideal level, although in the real world this would depend on budgets and there may only be one Para-Med for the entire team with the rest trained in F-POS(I) or FREC. 


Civilian Environment 

Defined as any area where there is structured Law Enforcement and reasonable access to Medical Services, however, some medical emergencies will still require immediate action and advanced knowledge to maintain the life of a principal whilst awaiting formal Hospital or paramedical assistance.

There are a number of illnesses or Injuries that will need attention and a significant amount of medical knowledge to sustain life and or reduce pain and discomfort whilst awaiting the ambulance crew. 

Hostile Environment 

Defined as being within a conflict area, or territory known for Armed Conflict which could be anywhere from Mexico City to Iraq or Afghanistan.


No, it really doesn’t need to be a formal War Zone to be Hostile, just the regular will and intent of criminals, Freedom Fighters or Terrorists to commit murder using armed aggression.

Civilian Hostile Environment

We are defining this as within a remote location, essentially the wilderness or remote countrysides such as the Highlands of Scotland, Islands of the South Pacific, or the Blue Mountains in Australia, as these places, amongst others can be so isolated that medical attention will require extreme effort to arrive on the scene and may well take several hours or even days. It could even be the National Park in Sussex if communications fail the environment is hostile for the casualty.

We will be adding more training providers

Brit Alliance Ltd (Scenario-Based Training)

  • Level 3 Close Protection 
  • Level 3 F-POS (I)
  • Level 3 Award in Rescue Trauma and Casualty Care (RTACC) (RQF)
  • Level 3 Award in First Aid Trauma and Casualty Care (FTACC) (RQF)

Our Priority is Quality over Quantity – Skills before Numbers.

First Aid at Work – Aylesbury  
  • Level 3 First Aid at Work
  • Level 3 F-POS (I)
  • Level 3 Pediatric First Aid 


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(Information derived from the internet), You are responsible for researching any information found in this document and Security CPD Global Ltd takes no responsibility for any actions you take regarding this leaflet. Always seek professional advice from the MCA or Official sources.

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