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The most relevant and accurate interpretation of one of the world’s most unusual and secretive professions, this book provides a no-holds-barred depiction of Close Protection/ Executive Protection containing specialist advice and guidance gained from operating at the pinnacle of both Government and commercial CP operations around the world. Compelled to write a book as a result of his abhorrence of the standards imposed by the British Government regulator the author scathingly criticises the Security Industry Authority outlining the travesty bestowed on not only those new to the industry but those who have operated in the role on behalf of the Government in their capacity as members of the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, Royal & Diplomatic Protection Department and 22 Special Air Service Regiment. Due to the sensitive nature of its content, this book remains the only one concerning Close Protection that was required to be submitted to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence for clearance prior to publication.

A gripping page-turner that will transport you from the frigid wastelands of conflict hit Bosnia, to the shimmering heat of beautiful Sicily.
As a former member of the military, Aron had seen his share of conflict. His battles should have been behind him as a bright future beckoned.
Then a rare medical event left him in a coma, fighting for his life, and his sanity.
This story is one of survival. But more than that, it is a testimony to the indelible nature of the human spirit, and our ability to heal in the face of all odds.
Sometimes our darkest moments can give us the strength we need to fight our way back from adversity Get it from Amazon

In celebration of Our Female Veterans

An Officer Not a Gentleman written by Mandy Hickson and the 2nd woman to fly the Tornado GR4 operationally  operating in hostile environments including patrolling the No-Fly Zone over Iraq, flying over 50 missions 

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John Nichol & John Peters 

RAF Veterans 

Flew daring missions into the heart of Iraq during the conflict at twice the speed of sound at 50ft  above the ground this book was the first to be published after their harrowing experience at the hands of the enemy, start reading this and you won’t put it down


Former Police Officer and Surveillance Operator Nick Dawkins

Police Veteran 

Takes you through Surveillance Imagery a complete guide to the dark art of surveillance imagery by a highly experienced police surveillance operative and National trainer who has trained hundreds of UK Police operators including staff from most of the regional counter-terrorism units.

In a simple to complex journey, he will take the reader through basic photography into the heart of his shadowy world. Packed with tradecraft tips and a few war stories this book will develop the skills of those in the law enforcement and commercial world alike. Also, a great book if you just want to learn basic photography as it explains it in easy terms backed by lots of images to illustrate the points.

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The Bravo 3 Zero Story

There were three patrols that fateful January 1991 morning: Bravo One Zero, Bravo Two Zero, and Bravo Three Zero. It was the opening hours of the Gulf War and the SAS were flown deep behind enemy lines to hunt down Saddam’s Scud missiles, the use of which threatened a Third World War. The men of Bravo One Zero stepped off the chopper, took one look at the flat desert devoid of any cover, and decided no way were they deploying into all of that. But Andy McNab’s famed Bravo Two Zero patrol did deploy, with fatal results – all bar one being captured or killed.

And then there was Bravo Three Zero. These men were different. Thought differently. Acted differently. Treating as gospel the SAS’s saying ‘any fool can be uncomfortable, they deployed with vehicles, and while there was nowhere to hide, they could make a dash for the border if desperate. Even as warnings came in that McNab’s patrol was on the run, Bravo Three Zero remained undetected – the furthest Coalition forces behind Iraqi lines. Slipping through enemy positions, a string of targets was taken out. But with the desert turning bitter and snow starting to fall, they were forced to fight a running battle against the elements as much as the enemy. Though overshadowed by the fate of Bravo Two Zero, the achievements of this highly decorated patrol are the stuff of elite forces legend. Now, for the first time, SAS veteran Des Powell reveals their story in gritty, blow-by-blow detail. Written with acclaimed military author Damien Lewis, this is a tale of edge-of-the-seat daring deep inside enemy lands. Brutal, savage, unrelenting – prepare to be blown away, in a tale that proves utterly the SAS motto – who dares wins.

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Security Consultant 

Phil Moulton Associates 


Phil Moulton is a man who started life with a mission to be a success. Raised on a tough council estate in Manchester, he thrived in adversity, took on the bullies that marred his youth, and despite the challenges that were thrown at him, fought his way to the very top of his sport and profession. The former World Open Karate Champion has combined the skills and techniques honed in the dojo, with knowledge and training developed by himself, to make him one of the UK’s most respected personal security and close protection specialists.



 For over twenty-five years, the karate 8th Dan black belt has been protecting stars from the world of sport and entertainment, safeguarding members of international organisations, and advising and training government agencies, corporations and the military. The Bodyguard is the true story of one man’s determination to succeed in life. It’s an example to all that if you work hard enough, and have the desire and commitment, anything is possible.

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