Independent Security CPD For Professionals

Continual Professional Development For Security Professionals. Security CPD Global Is One Of The UK’s Leading Security Specific CPD Providers.

Independent Security CPD For Professionals

We are currently the only Company dedicated to Security Industry Continuous Professional Development (CPD) within the UK that are totally independent of any other Organization or Government entity. Our aim is to provide independent security CPD for security professionals dedicated to all elements of Security.

We have recognized for many years, that there is a significant gap within the continuous professional development (CPD) area, which is dedicated to the security industry and security services, both here in the UK and abroad.

The provision of Security is often driven by Insurance Companies who refuse to provide insurance for businesses where there is a lack of security, whether that is manned or technical.

In recent years violence and terrorism have become active parts of our daily life and have changed our perceptions of safety and security, creating an increasing demand on Security Organizations to provide more services with higher-skilled and more knowledgeable operatives, who able to respond more effectively to contemporary threats and social problems or changes in attitude, whilst dealing with such things as Disabilities,  Equality & Diversity, Drugs Dependence, Mental Health and identifying vulnerable persons.

These are modern issues, which the security operative was not previously expected to have much involvement with, let alone the skills and knowledge to deal with an incident that would previously be handed over to a Police Officer or Medical Professional.

Now Security Operatives are increasingly being expected to engage with individuals at a higher skill level whilst awaiting further assistance, and for many, this may well be hours rather than minutes.

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