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Security for Farming & Countryside

                 Protecting Farming Land and National Parks

Protecting both the Infrastructure and the Equipment required to maintain a farm is becoming more difficult, yet simple systems, actions, and a little innovation can help to prevent theft or damage 

Farm Security

SpyCamera CCTV has worked alongside farmers for years to help develop these farm security systems which are tailored to suit the very specific needs and challenges of a farm. Including potential issues with long distances between buildings and thick stone walls reducing wireless signals. These challenges don’t stop our farm security systems from helping thousands of farmers keep an eye on their livestock and equipment which are crucial to their livelihood. These systems will help you keep an eye on every important area of your farm from the comfort of home.
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Security CPD Global Ltd has no affiliation with Spy-camera CCTV and this is only provided as information only 

Security CPD Global Ltd can provide a wide range of advice and training for both you and your staff. Our consultants are independent and so will give you a wide range of options to choose from, as well as practical advice and mentoring on general Security related matters.

Most of you already adopt basic measures such as the following:

  1. Marking/Tagging Equipment 
  2. Trackers on High-value Equipment and Vehicles
  3. Removing key components when not in use (Make sure staff sign these in and out so you know who’s using what)
  4. CCTV both Overt and Covert systems 
  5. Signage (No Tresspassing, Danger Bull, CCTV etc.) 
  6. Actively supporting responsible walking groups, their eyes on the ground can avert theft or alert you to distressed animals
  7. PIR, Light/Motion activation systems which are Solar or Battery powered in unusual areas 
  8. Geese are extremely noisy when disturbed and are used by many establishments 
  9. Thorn Bushes and sturdy fencing
  10. Block off unused Gates with something heavy, but not attractive to steal.

Having worked within Environmental protection providing and installing safety lighting, Aset Protection, and CCTV systems in remote areas we clearly understand the need to protect the environment using both Overt and Covert systems to monitor or protect wildlife from harm.

Using innovative and robust technology normally used in surveillance of high threat individuals we can help you protect national and privately owned assets


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