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Continual Professional Development For Security Professionals. Security CPD Global Is One Of The UK’s Leading Security Specific CPD Providers.

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Local Government Security Consultancy

Responsibility for security and safety is every ones business, local enforcement officer, wardens, COVID enforcement, security guards, CCTV operators, fly tipping officers and many more departments need local government and council CPD training.

No one knows what they will face each day at work so being trained correctly is essential to the well being and safety of employees and the general public.

Maintaining your currency is essential to prevent skill fade.

Council Investigation & Covert Operations

Local Government has a wide range of responsibilities for Investigating Complaints, Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour, licensing, and enforcement duties so, within their area of authority, some councils are sharing the burden of financial expense with adjoining Local Authorities. 

  • Fly Tipping has become a  problem for some councils, costing the Taxpayer millions a year. 
  • This kind of Anti-Social Behaviour needs to be dealt with using the skills of both the Investigator and the Covert Operator because quite often this activity is clandestine and engaged within remote areas which are not covered by general CCTV.
  • The damage to wildlife and the environment is devastating with the threat of polluting water supplies and long-term ecological damage.
  • In some incidences, the Council requires a RIPA, which is issued by the Courts to engage in Covert Operations.
  • Fly Tipping Surveillance is easier than most Councils think and doesn’t breach regulations” One of our members has a perfect solution to solve this. 
Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).
  • Approval of Local Authority Authorisations under RIPA by a Justice of the Peace: The amendments in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
  • 1 will mean that local authority authorisations and notices under RIPA for the use of particular covert techniques can only be given effect once an order approving the authorisation or notice has been granted by a Justice of the Peace (JP).
  • Directed surveillance crime threshold: Amendments to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Directed Surveillance and Covert Human Intelligence Sources) Order 2010 (“the 2010 Order”)
  • 2 Means that a local authority can now only grant an authorisation under RIPA for the use of directed surveillance where the local authority is investigating particular types of criminal offences. These are criminal offences that attract a maximum custodial sentence of six months or more or criminal offences relating to the underage sale of alcohol or tobacco.
 Criminal Activity Reported to Councils
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Public Property Theft or Destruction
  • Breaches of Licensing Laws
  • Nuisance (Noise, Anti-Social Behaviour)
  • Criminal Damage
  • Deception & Trading Standards
  • Environmental Issues
  • Domestic Abuse

This is not an exhaustive list and may not involve covert operations but is related to investigatory actions, such as intelligence/evidence gathering.

Police Forces 

There are 43 police forces in England and Wales, along with the British Transport Police and the separate police forces of Scotland and Northern Ireland. A list of all police forces (with links to their websites) can be found on the Police website.

Each Force deploys a wide range of Specialist Unitssuch as Armed Response, Counter Terrorism Units, Scenes of Crime, and even cyber-Crime teams to mention just a few.

The Police also have units in support roles, such as PCSO’s and Special Constables who adopt a wide range of activities from Crime Scene protection to Patrolling neighbourhoods and completing witness statements for low-level crime.

We welcome any Police or council input to our website – If you wish to add to this page please contact us via event@securitycpd.org   

Domestic Violence

During the Covid 19 Lockdown, there has been a significant rise in Domestic Abuse which must be highlighted to ensure those in Danger have access to care and protection.  

If you have or are experiencing domestic violence, then getting help is perhaps the most important thing you can do.

In an emergency, call 999. If it is not an emergency, you could contact your local police station and discuss your situation with them.

You can also anonymously call one of the helplines listed below:

  • English National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000 247
  • Men’s Advice Line: 0808 801 0327
  • Wales Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 80 10 800
  • Broken Rainbow Helpline (for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people): 0300 999 5428
  • Respect (for people who are abusive to partners): 0845 122 8609
  • Forced Marriage Unit: 020 7088 0151
Mandatory Requirement for SIA Security Operatives 

Terrorism concerns us all and requires your vigilance to protect our society from harm.

Security Operatives should engage with the various programs available to the general public and the Security Industry.

More than 100,000 security and resilience specialists and colleagues in crowded places now have access to the Action Counters Terrorism application for business.

By downloading the ACT App, organisations have access to the latest CT Policing information & guidance to help them:

  • ACT Early in responding to & reporting suspicious activity directly to CT Policing
  • Develop & implement their incident response plans (e.g.Evacuation, & Lockdown procedures) using the assured advice within
  • Access accurate & trustworthy alerts and information directly from CT Policing:
  • Instant Messages should an incident occur.
  • UK Protect Bulletins outlining the latest CT news & campaigns to support you and your organisational resilience.
  • Sign up for CT Policing Training e.g. ACT Corporate or the ACT E-Learning
  • Shape the future content of the tool by submitting feedback directly via the App because “Together We Are Stronger”.
How to sign up for the ACT App

Download the Urim app in Google Play or App Store. Then email ct@highfieldelearning.com  to request a username and password.

Please note access is for business/professional use only.


Their full name is the International Criminal Police Organization and they are an inter-governmental organization. They have 194 member countries and will help police in all of them to work together to make the world a safer place.

To do this, they share and access data on crimes and criminals, and they offer a range of technical and operational support.

The NCA 

They lead the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime. NCA officers work at the forefront of law enforcement, building the best possible intelligence picture of serious and organised crime threats, relentlessly pursuing the most serious and dangerous offenders, and developing and delivering specialist capabilities on behalf of law enforcement and other partners


What Security CPD Does

Security CPD Global accredit learning Activities, Festival Events, Seminars, and E-learning and Practical courses across various security sectors with the emphasis on the Security Operative or Consultant and their role within your organisation.

First Aid is an example, within your organisation you may require the Security Operative to engage in Incident Management after the initial triage phase which isn’t currently taught on Level 3 FAW courses – therefore this is an ideal CPD training development that can add benefits to the organisation.

As a Veteran owned entity, we are proud to support Armed Services Personnel and Veterans and we actively promote companies joining the Armed Forces Covenant as well as the Veterans Foundation. We also support Women in Security and Charities that protect women from Domestic Abuse.

Working in Partnership – Bringing Education and Support to the Licensed Sector

Local Government And Council Security CPD

Local and Central Governments have a wide range of responsibilities especially within Health, Safety, Welfare, and Education that need to be disseminated across all sectors of Public Life.

This may sound very easy to write a few leaflets and hand them out to meet the criteria of public information and awareness, but quite often this is not effective in getting to all of our community, especially when you consider the Diversity within the United Kingdom which crosses multiple barriers from Language, Disability, Diversity to those requiring Reading and Writing support. 

We can not leave anyone outside of the equation and there must be the opportunity for all, especially where individuals have excelled and started a business or commenced a licensable activity.

Our Solution

Organised Face to Face CPD program written in simple language directly tailored to the licensing Sector which brings Councils closer to their clients and customers enabling them to support the Public on a higher level. This CPD approach provides ample opportunity to discuss new licensing Regulations, Security Risks, Health & Safety Issues relevant to their area of operation. In turn, this becomes a reciprocal partnership between the Council, Security CPD Global, and the end-user which can often provide Intelligence within the Area that most concerns those working within Licensable Activities – It is well known many groups do not like speaking to authorities, but they will discuss with other entities serious breaches of which the authority was not previously aware, as this is not seen as breaching any form of what can be described as street code thus allowing further investigation and resolution of issues within the community by the relevant authority. 

  • Late Night Entertainment 
  • Food Hygiene 
  • Health & Safety
  • Conflict Management 
  • CTC Awareness 
  • Licensed Taxi Driver Safety
  • Licensing Act 2003
  • Secondary School Drugs & Alcohol Awareness
  • Social Responsibility (Fly Tipping)  
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