Mental Health & Diversity

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Mental Health & Diversity

Dr. Rachael Rimmer

Has developed her knowledge and experience over many years working within NHS Mental Health Departments and is research active with an interest in depression, non-invasive brain stimulation (particularly tDCS), mental health scales, improving mental health care, and developing patient involvement.  

Available Programs include (CPD points with Security CPD Global Certification)

  • Corporate MH Awareness Seminars
  • MH for Managers 
  • Dealing with MH issues in the workplace

We have developed a CPD – Level 4 Wellness & Mental Health Master Class with 8 CPD points which will be rolling out shortly, so please keep your eyes open for updates

The Veterans’ Gateway service is the first point of contact for all Tri-Service veterans, and their families. Its expert content covers welfare areas: housing, employment, finances, living independently, mental wellbeing, families and communities, and physical health.

Its unique support (both in the UK and abroad) is funded by the Armed Forces Covenant. And supported by charities and organisations and individuals, including the the National Health Service (NHS), the Government of the United Kingdom (GOV.UK) and the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Whilst the NHS and other charities provider Mental Health And Diversity programs and Help there currently none specifically aimed, at the Emergency Services and Security who have a higher prevalence of MH and Diversity issues than other industries, primarily because these services interact far more with the public and see more trauma than others.

Whilst we appreciate that every Industry has these issues, none have a wider variation including violence-related threats.

Security CPD Global Ltd is now able to offer training courses such as the Highfield Level 2 Award in Introduction to Mental Health Awareness (RQF) along with weekend activity breaks designed for veterans 

Click here for Fact Sheet Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health UK brings together the heritage and experience of four charities from across the country who’ve been supporting people with their mental health for nearly 50 years.

With our local service delivery and national expertise in supporting people whose lives are affected by mental health problems, we have been able to mark a significant footprint in the areas that deeply challenge our mental health and stability.

We will also be dedicating part of this page to both serving and retired Veterans of the Armed Services, with sections on PTSD and other related subjects.

Military related MH Help can be found at the Mental Health Foundation, as well as Combat Stress 

The Media and Tabloid newspapers often produce inaccurate and misleading articles which are designed to sell papers not to provide you with an informed and accurate appraisal of the issues faced by people across the country.

Much of what we see today, relating to Diversity and Mental Health comes from the USA and doesn’t reflect the true picture here in the UK, which has caused far more problems than we originally had within our communities.

It is with this in mind that we will attempt to set the record straight by providing UK perspectives to our articles as well as information relevant to Security and Emergency Services personnel.

There are always lots of questions from the LGBTQ+ Community and where they can seek specific help from people who understand their particular issues and needs, as there are now better services available to deal with MH and Diversity issues.

We clearly understand that there are still many within the Security/Emergency Services that are not openly identifying to their colleagues and have great difficulty coping with the stresses and strains that arise from this choice. We will listen and direct you to the help you need where ever possible.

Pink Therapy is an organisation that aims to promote high-quality therapy and training services for the LGBTQ+ Community. (We came across this on Twitter and after reading the website felt it may be of use to our members). Rethink also has a dedicated section for the LGBTQ+ Community and is worth a look whether you are looking for yourself or for research.

Mental Health Charter (MHC) is a Mental Health Charter, borne out of a cross-industry volunteer group created with contributions from clients, managers, trade associations, unions, regulators, and training bodies.

The purpose is to provide a flexible and consistent charter to enable all businesses in the UK to access mental health support, provide awareness and training, and put in place a structure and systems to support people in the workplace.

Disability Confident is a government scheme designed to encourage employers to recruit and retain disabled people and those with health conditions. It has replaced the previous Two Ticks Positive About Disabled People scheme. It is voluntary and has been developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives.

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(Some information is derived from the internet), You are responsible for researching any information found on this page as Security CPD Global Ltd takes no responsibility for any actions you take regarding this information page. Always seek professional advice from Medical & official Mental Health sources.

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