Military and Veterans

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Military and Veterans

Welcome to our Military and Veterans Page which has been specifically designed for those within the Armed Forces and their Spouses.

We are a Veteran owned company with a passion for helping others and who clearly understand the problems and issues around leaving the Forces and entering the civilian world of employment and lifestyle.

Veterans Railcard 

1/3 off rail travel for Veterans

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For those with a War Pension or other Military Service Pension

For those interested in the Veterans-Strategy-Action-Plan-2022-2024

This is a direct link to the Veterans Breakfast Club which has 370 clubs in 14 Countries and approximately 150,000 members worldwide, you can use their Find a Club service to find one in your area, there’s no joining fee, however, you’ll need to pay for your breakfast at the venue, their purpose is to support veterans in a social environment (for more details click on the logo above)

This page offers those serving and veterans the ability to complete Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that can aid them in seeking employment within the civilian security industry.

We also offer the same Accreditation services to Military Units as we would do for Security Companies and help your training teams put together CPD Qualifications to enhance the Knowledge and Skills of their teams, this is a great way of helping military personnel demonstrate their skill set to civilian employers once they leave along with traditional RQF Qualifications.

Signing Up to the Armed Forces Covenant 

Armed Forces Covenant - Security CPD Global Ltd

The UK Armed Forces are seen as one of the finest in the world, and this is because the training provided to Service Personnel is intensive and extensive, however, often employers pass by highly skilled personnel because their CV’s don’t truly reflect the skills and civilian mapped education courses, Security CPD Global Ltd goes the extra mile here, to help our Forces Clients and those wishing to employ them.

As former military personnel and Veterans ourselves, we clearly understand military terminology and most often than not, can help demonstrate the service persons skill sets and translate them into civilian terms which for the most part we believe you will be pleasantly surprised that these individuals are more useful to your company with the added advantage of a positive work ethic.

Security CPD Global Ltd can assist your business to become part of the Armed Forces Covenant, contact us today to discover more.

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Career Transition Partnership UK  

ELCAS & Government Funding for 2022-2023 Unfortunately we are unable to engage learners with  ELCAS credits although we have been teaching & training for 16 years and providing support to government bodies and writing Level 4 RQF Regulated courses whilst being SC Security Cleared, as we have consistently used our profits to support Veterans, so we don’t qualify for ECLAS, but we still support veterans with our own funding and discounts from our profits and donations  


When I left the Army Medical Corps, I was a fully trained Combat Medical Technician with responsibility for a Medical Centre, and I had completed lots of courses such as Phlebotomy, Blood Supply, and Donation, which the civilian NHS and companies employing staff for overseas just did not understand. However, if CPD had been around for me back then, I believe employers would have understood my abilities far better.

During my Military career, I also worked with the Royal Air Force within Air Traffic Control operating in and around the Airfield, and again I received Military Grade Qualifications in Aircraft Marshalling, Airfield Bird Control, and Managing Disaster Relief, all of which I could well have used in a civilian environment had I received a recognised certificate instead of the general issue piece of paper. I’m glad to see the Military is progressing with the provision of certificated qualifications mapped to the civilian RQF/workforce but there are many courses that could make the difference between an employer picking us or someone else.

Military Women Programme

RFEA is for both Male and Female service personnel

Quote From RFEAResearch has shown that female veterans face more barriers to employment than male veterans. Military women often step off their career pathway to accommodate changes in their personal circumstances. They also encounter challenges common among many working women including greater childcare and caring responsibilities“.

Security CPD Global Ltd is eager to work with Station Commanders, RSM’s and your Training Teams to aid your personnel in obtaining relevant qualifications currently not registered on the RQF or elsewhere.

We welcome contact from the Navy, Army, or Royal Air Force as we already have some fantastic Members who can provide specialist Drone Training (CAA Authorised) and Physical Penetration Testing (Which are on the RQF as a level 4 full qualifications).

We will be happy to work with our armed forces and the Defence Training Team.

Become A Recommended Provider Of Security CPD

Are you currently serving in the Military or a Veteran run and managed company that would like to Join Security CPD Global and become a course provider?

Contact Security CPD Global Ltd on 07725 970 954, contact us online or email 


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