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Learn in the comfort of your home or via Mobile devices from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection you’ll be able to log on.

It is best suited to laptops and devices like iPads with a touch screen or mouse pointer. 

How it works?

Group 1 through to Group 4 have been designed by Highfields Awarding Organisation to enable you to learn from home using their LMS software – All you need to do is select the course or courses you wish to take and drop us a call or email and complete payment and we will set you up with the course of your choice and support you through the learning journey – To learn more about each course click on the name and a PDF file will open up for you to read more about it. 

Contact us at 07725 970954 or info@securitycpd.org  

Group 1 Law & Order

Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention

An increasing number of companies are experiencing fraud, or finding they need to invest more to prevent it. Ensuring your organisation understands the different types of fraud and how to prevent it is vital, and will help you protect your business and employees from the serious consequences fraud can result in.

Introduction to the Prevention of Money Laundering

It is estimated that the scale of money laundering in the UK exceeds £90 billion per year. Criminal entities profiteer at the expense of their victims. The practice of money laundering attempts to make the proceeds from crime, sometimes exploitative and violent crime, including people trafficking and drug dealing, appear legitimate or ‘clean’.

Introduction to the Bribery Act 2010

The Bribery Act 2010 is the strongest anti-bribery legislation ever introduced in the UK. It not only defines what is bribery, but places responsibilities on businesses that operate in terms of compliance, awareness, and staff training. Understanding the act – and the consequences of not implementing it fully and properly – is essential to protect you, your business, and your employees.

Awareness of Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a global problem where victims are exploited and mistreated for personal gain. The rights of the victims are actively ignored, and in many cases, the vulnerabilities of the victims are used to continue the abuse and exploitation

This an important issue in contemporary Britain, to protect the vulnerable from harm

Group 2 Personal Safety

Stress Management

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. It can be brought on by any number of factors. It is a natural reaction to many situations in life including work, family, relationships, and money. Some stress can be positive because short periods of stress are proven to make you more alert and increase your performance levels. However, work-related stress is a significant issue, with millions of working days being lost each year as a result of stress, anxiety and depression

Managing Conflict

Unfortunately, from time to time, we all find ourselves in a conflict situation. Knowing how to effectively and confidently diffuse such situations is vital to reduce the risk of threatening or abusive behaviour in the workplace.

 Lone Working Awareness

Lone working is a term that applies to anybody who is working alone, with no supervision, for any length of time. This can range from roles such as a Security Operative or gas engineer visiting a domestic property to a warehouse operative retrieving goods from racking.
If an employee is working in a separate location from their colleagues, then this is defined as lone working. Full of engaging content and activities, this course is the ideal introduction to the subject.

Mental Health Well-Being Awareness

Mental health plays a huge role in the physical well-being of individuals. By raising awareness of mental health and continuing to reduce the stigma surrounding mental ill health, we become better equipped to identify how best to support those who may be struggling and help increase their quality of life.

Mental Health and Diversity CPD

Equality and Diversity

This e-learning Course in Equality & Diversity is designed to help your organisation understand the importance of providing equal opportunity for all.

Learners on the course will understand what is meant by the terms equality and diversity, and the consequences of inequality. It will equip learners with the tools to promote inclusion and create fairer workplaces. Finally, learners will learn the legal and moral frameworks that govern equality and diversity. 

Safe Guarding Children

Our Children are everything to parents and indeed to society. How they are treated and respected forges how they will develop as adults, preventing and protecting them from harm and maltreatment ensures they grow up in a healthy and supported environment. This course gives you an insight into the requirements for Safe Guarding Children to enrol contact info@securitycpd.org 


Group 3 Health & Safety

HABC Level 2 Health and Safety

Irrespective of the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare are an important part of everyone’s working day, Not only is it a mandatory requirement for employers to implement safe systems of work, but employees must also adhere to safety protocols and clearly understand their responsibilities in ensuring the workplace is a safe environment 

Highfield Level 2 Award in the Principles of Fire Safety (RQF)

All workplaces have a legal obligation to ensure their environment is safe when it comes to fire risks. Ultimately that comes down to ensuring your team has the required knowledge and understanding around fire safety.

This course has a face to face element and is an RQF Qualification 

Manual Handling – This course offers a comprehensive guide to best practices when it comes to manual handling. Ideal as part of staff induction, as refresher training for existing staff, or for those looking to go on to achieve a recognised manual handling qualification.

Areas Covered – The definition of manual handling, The LITE stairway to safety, Safe lifting techniques, Correcting lifting techniques, Lifting with more than one person, Examples of manual handling – Contact info@securitycpd.org to enrol

Independent Security CPD For Professionals

Risk Assessment (Health and Safety Level 2)

This Risk Assessment online course provides the knowledge needed to undertake appropriate risk assessments. Risk Assessments are the foundation of all workplace safety management. A verifiable, CPD-accredited certificate is emailed on successful completion

Introduction to Working at Height

Falls from a height are among the most common workplace accidents to occur across multiple sectors and are one of the most frequent causes of accidental death and major injuries.

This online training course is the ideal introduction to this subject area; packed with current information and engaging activities.

To enrol on this course contact info@securitycpd.org

                                     Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Short Course is designed to ensure that users of DSE set up their workstations effectively and ergonomically, avoiding the health risks associated with their use. Learners undertaking this course will learn what DSE is, the health risks associated with its use, how to use DSE appropriately, and the importance of correct posture and regular breaks. Finally, the course will outline the kind of support employers should provide for users of DSE at work.


                                            Asbestos Awareness

This Asbestos Awareness course exclusively covers Category A training and is designed to ensure that anyone who may come into contact with asbestos knows what asbestos is, where it can be found, the dangers of asbestos, and how to protect themselves from accidental exposure.

                                  Awareness of Home Working course 

With so many people in the workforce now embracing home working, employers must consider the challenges of supporting their home-working staff to continue to work safely, just as they would with any employee.
Equally, home workers must take care with their own health and safety. If you’re an employer,
hybrid, or home-working employee then this course is for you.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Working as a team, building relationships and effective
communication are vital skills. This 30-minute, online Short Course is designed to equip your staff
with the skills to ensure effective teamwork. Working towards a common goal is vital in establishing a positive company culture and ensuring business objectives are met.
Teams in the workplace take many forms and sizes but should always be bound by common objectives so that they work together to achieve a successful outcome.

Security CPD Training Providers

Communication in the workplace

Learners on the course will learn what communication is, the different types of communication and the importance of context in communication. It will equip learners with the tools to identify barriers to communication and how to overcome them. Finally, learners will understand the importance of effective communication in the workplace and the potential consequences of ineffective communication.

Security CPD Training Providers

Group 4 Health & Medical

 Level 3 First Aid at Work

Part of this course can be taken online reducing the course from 3 days to two days, however, learners must complete the online training prior to attending the practical sessions. We can also provide additional medical skills relevant to your particular business as our instructors are former Military Medical Technicians or NHS medics 

Anaphylaxis and Auto-injectors

This course provides you with the necessary knowledge to potentially save someone’s life and covers a wide range of Anaphylactic sources giving you the confidence to recognise the emergency and respond appropriately  

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Control is an important part of caring for patients or injured people in need of First Aid, and this course provides detailed information to help prevent and control infection.  


Group 5 Licensing & Food Hygiene

Level 2 Food Hygiene

This course is ideal for those who work in a catering environment. This may include restaurants,
cafes, hotels, bars, fast-food outlets, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, schools
and colleges. We also offer a Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 2 course for those working in a manufacturing environment.

Understanding Food Hygiene is also important within the home 

 Level 2 Personal Licence

This qualification is aimed at individuals working in, or preparing to work in, any industry that involves the retail sale of alcohol. These industries can include pubs, retailers, large nightclubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels, and sports facilities. Anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail on licensed premises must hold a personal licence. To become a personal licence holder, an individual should obtain a regulated personal licence holder’s qualification

Responsible Sales in Hospitality and Retail

Prepare your staff for the challenge, with our Responsible Sales in Hospitality and Retail course.
Experience the interactivity of our new multi-device, mobile-ready e-learning course, Challenge –
Responsible for Sales in Hospitality and Retail.
You’ll get an insight into the types of products that are covered by age restrictions, the legal requirements placed on individuals selling age-restricted products, and guidance on operating within the law when selling age-restricted products.

Level 2 Customer Care

Packed with engaging and interactive content this online customer service training will equip anyone working in a customer-facing role with the knowledge to deliver excellent customer care. Good customer service is good for business. Studies show that by 2020 the biggest differentiator for customers’ purchases will not be based on product or price but will be driven by service and experience.
Ensure customer service in your business hits the right note with our online training course. 

Group 6 Other Courses

Highfield Level 2 Award in Risk Assessment

This is a Classroom based course in Risk Assessment which is designed to focus on the completion of security risks and physical intervention


First Aid Training For Security Professionals

Situational Awareness – In the modern world this is a must for everyone to understand the environments we live and work in whilst being able to ensure our own personal safety in a wide variation of scenarios 

This is a classroom-based program that includes breakaway techniques 

Highfield Level 2 Award for Close Protection Operatives (Top-Up)


We offer the CP-Upskilling Course over a 3-day period and provide detailed pre-reading to help you with the knowledge required  

email info@securitycpd.org

We also have available for Personal Self Defence and Breakaway

Arrest and Restraint for Close Protection Officers  

Group 7 Security CPD Suite

Covert Equipment for Investigators and Close Protection Operatives 

This CPD course covers a range of equipment both professionally made or adapted from off-the-shelf equipment that enables the operator to monitor criminal activity or protect a premises during a close protection operation (Always be one step ahead) 

Alternative Roles and Responsibilities of Close Protection Operative (1)

Highfield Level 3 Award for Close Protection Operatives

Close Protection Development

Were you disappointed with the training you were provided during your CP course? If so our CP Executive course will provide you with all the information and skills you didn’t get  

Level 5 CPD – Physical Security Mitigation Assessor (PSMA) Specialist Course for those wishing to understand threats & Risks to Business Premises  

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