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We will endeavor to list current positions throughout the world for our members, please contact those listed below for details of the position 

How to improve your chances of getting a position within security

  1. Develop an honest CV that details your experience relative to the position you are applying for.
  2. Demonstrate your dedication to your industry by completing and itemizing your yearly Blank form Security CPD Journal
  3. Dress in a smart manner but not extravagantly, they not hiring for a fashion show and definitely never too causal that you look uninterested.
  4. Even though it’s now mandatory, make sure you have the required level of First Aid certification – CP will require F-POS (I) or equivalent (or Higher)
  5. Demonstrate Professional Ethics and Attitude 
Current Positions Available 

Pending we hope to have this section up and running shortly, if you have jobs available and are paying a living wage then we will advertise your position here 

Your Company Details Here and contact details for recruitment 

Area of Operations 


Full/Part-time or Event 

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