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With 40 + years of experience within the Security Industry and having held both Council-issued DS badges and SIA DS, CCTV, and CP badges since 2001, you can be assured of hands-on experience, with time served in the Military and working with the Police. Tradecraft skills and knowledge is important especially when your providing a service and that’s why we maintain our CPD on a yearly basis to ensure you get the benefits of up to date and relevant knowledge.

Our Consultants have worked in Security Management and operationally with the Environment Agency, Railways the  DfT, and venues such as Glen Eagles PGA Golf, G8 Summit, Notting Hill, Trafalgar Square, and the Olympics to mention a few as well as working operationally as Threat Management Consultants and Close Protection Operatives dealing with UHNW, VIP’s, A list Actors and Musicians and Government level Tier 1 representatives. With Civilian, Police, and Military experience across a wide spectrum of the security industry.

Security CPD Training Providers

Quality Assurance Services 

  • Monthly Subscription rates are £450 per month
  • Standardisation Meetings & Report £150.00
  • Dealing with a New Centre Application with an Awarding Organisation £500.00 
  • Desktop IQA & Audit for Portfolios (up to 12 persons in Cohort)£350.00 
  • Hourly rate for small courses or Q&A with clients £35.00 per hour 
  • Observations £65

Last minute/Urgent 

  1. Centre Applications £850.00
  2. Centre Audits & Policy updating £280 per day

Daily Training Rates £280.00 per day Plus any Accommodation as required 

Designing of training programs or the implementation of security hardening either for residential or Commercial use – Our consultants have a wide range of knowledge to ensure the protection and safety of your Principal, Premises, or Event

Seminar and Activity CPD

The need for vulnerability Mitigation has never been more relevant, in an age of increasing technology

Physical Penetration Testing 

We have been providing this service since 2006 to a wide range of clients including Banks, Environment Agencies, Train Operators, and Commercial Businesses throughout the UK and overseas – Our consultants are IQA’s for the Regulated courses on Penetration Testing and develop training programs for multiple companies 

As an SSIP accredited company, we take our responsibilities seriously by undertaking external audits for the work we provide. All of our consultants also commit to professional development on a yearly basis 

Registered with Awarding Organisations and UKRLP as training providers we are able to provide a wide range of  services from training to Internal or External Quality Assurance 


Time Served Experience

Having owned and run multiple training centre’s we can progress your centre to Direct Claims Status quickly and effectively, which allows you to claim certificates without having to wait for the EQA team.

Why struggle designing and developing courses when we have the necessary know how to develop and create your course ready for the regulated qualification frame or you can get it accredited by us here at Security CPD Global and add CPD points to your training program.

Power Points and Manuals 

One of our specialities is designing and creating both PP’s and Manuals to bespoke requirements. during the latter part of 2022 we provided 6 Training companies with their CPD -PI upskilling and DS Upskilling Power Points and manuals along with Site Specific Search courses and Physical Penetration manuals and Power Points 

Assessment & Portfolio Documentation 

Don’t spend hours trying to figure it out let us develop these for you leaving you free to get on with the training knowing everything has been planned out to ensure compliance with the Learning Outcomes



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