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The judgment handed down on 12th October 2021 in the case FAIRHURST-v-WOODARD

“A female doctor is set to be paid more than £100,000 after a judge ruled that her neighbour’s Ring smart doorbell cameras breached her privacy in a landmark legal battle.”

Source: MailOnline



FOI release

Displaying the SIA licence in a police-style wallet

Published 15 December 2021

January 2022 – Happy New Year to All

On the 7th January 2022, our tweeter account was compromised and hacked – Immediate steps were taken to remove the account and rectify the issues which affected individuals, as far as we are aware this has been caught in the early stages and no data or GDPR content has been breached which may cause concern. We would like to thank those clients that alerted us to the issue.  Security Measures have been implemented

November 2022

With the Conflict still raging on within Ukraine and no let up by the Russian Federation of attacks on civilian targets, it is vitally important that we understand the gravity of the situation, and do not underestimate the depths to which Putin is prepared to go, to gain a small piece of land, which he will never control and it will remain a thorn in their side for centuries to come. We all need to be on the lookout for Russian intrusion and their cyber attacks whether they are Fake News stories or attempts at shutting down our infrastructure through malware, phishing, or whatever, so protecting your own PC and mobiles whilst highlighting fake news or malware is essential in helping Ukraine, fight an aggressor.    

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The NCA’s most wanted list –

(Do not approach, send intelligence to the NCA or Call 999)

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Accredited Provider with SSIP

I am proud to announce that Security CPD Global Ltd has achieved accreditation with SMAS and SSIP giving our clients and members confidence in our ...
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