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Continual Professional Development For Security Professionals. Security CPD Global Is One Of The UK’s Leading Security Specific CPD Providers.

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Welcome to the Service Providers Page.  The purpose of this page is to aid our members in finding and accessing relevant Security Friendly Services and Advice Lines that will support you within their specialism.

Covert Brick for Surveillance

   Surveillance Equipment

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Do you want to develop your own courses and have them certificated by Security CPD Global? if so drop us a line and we will be happy to guide you through the process, from development to certification
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Our aim is to support Security Industry Practitioners and Operatives in meeting their personal or Commercial Aims and Aspirations by providing advice and services that will enable them to be compliant with relevant Awarding Organisations or Accreditations, whether that is providing Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) services, Documentation upgrades or providing CPD training. 

We also provide accreditation for Instructors to deliver our training programs    


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Training with the specialists

Level 5 CPD Corporate Security Crisis Management Planning

With our world facing multiple disasters and Conflicts this level 5 SCMP course provides management with an understanding of what is required to assess vulnerabilities and mitigate threats to the company and its employees within D & C Environments (Be prepared not surprised)

  • Security country briefs (ISOS)
  • Country Emergency Evacuation Planning 
  • Security Crisis Management Planning

This 3 day intensive Tactical Driving Introduction course is Security CPD Accredited and is for those operating in potentially dangerous Environments such as Media, Close Protection Teams and Aid Workers Teaching 

Mike has  22 years in Corporate Security and spent his final 2 years in 22 SAS as a training Wing Instructor 

Introduction to Tactical Driving Level 3 CPD Certified  
* Preparation for Operations
* Tactical Driving Position
* Emergency Procedures
* Vehicle dynamics and systems of car control
* Principles of breaking, steering, and acceleration
* Tactical vehicle position, obstacles, and threats
* Principles of night driving
* Situational Awareness and attack recognition
* Surveillance detection and attack recognition
* Vehicle Counter Measures
* Planning Routes and Journeys

Level 6 CPD Introduction to Kidnap & Ransom


  • Types of kidnap
  • Role of K&R Advisors (K&R Insurance)
  • Role of the Company Communicator
  • Negotiation and Financial Strategy
  • Proof of Life (POL)
  • Payment and Release
  • Agreement and Payment Considerations
    *Note all project and country managers need to know aspects of the
    company K&R Plan, not just the senior executives

Our instructor has dealt with these scenarios at the specialist level (Tier 1)  operating within many countries and has been taken hostage himself which gives our learners an insight you won’t get elsewhere. 

Hawkes & Co course  

Keely Hawkes has a wealth of knowledge and skills that make her an ideal Tutor for any group whether it is Adults or Young people   

Level 3 CPD Rape Prevention & Female Self Defense


  • Defining sexual violence
  • Security awareness
  • Situational awareness
  • Vulnerability
  • Confrontation
  • Female Self-defence (Breaking Free)
  • Note: training was developed with a rape councilor in HMP service
Level 2 CPD Personal Safety & Situational Awareness

We can also provide the Level 3 Advanced over 2 Days 


  • A security reminder (what crime is happening around your local area) 
  • Personal Safety
  • Situational Awareness
  • The art of maintaining Confidence
  • How to deal with Confrontation
  • Breakaway practical with Keely & Mike
  • Tips on how to assist in keeping people safe

Level 5 CPD Surveillance and CTR Technical Deployment 

This course is for those operators who want to go one step beyond learning from a manual, It is full of practical activities and taught by specialists in their fields with our lead instructor Mike Hawkes who spent  24 years, in the British military and 14 years in 22 SAS (Including 4 years on Covert operations) – Surveillance is a trade, not a tick box activity, so why not join us and experience the real thing 



Surveillance Products

Covert Brick for Surveillance

The Covert Operational House Brick with integrated Wifi and Router  

              Covert Rock System  

Covert Rock DVR can be placed almost anywhere with a pre-installed Router wifi connection to view anywhere in the world 

The Cobble DVR is a standalone Digital Video Recorder that also allows you to live stream HD video over the Wi-Fi Network.
By downloading the app and connecting the camera to a router, you can take full remote control of your camera, including all features and remote file download.
The DVR allows you to set up and change motion detection levels, as well as manually activate low light mode or have it turn on at a time of your choice.

Mini DVR         Covert Vape Device


Ghost Mini is ideal for developing your own covert system or using it as a stand-alone 

Providing Services for security

We are here to support professionals within the wider Security Industry.


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