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Threat & Risk Assessments

With over 35 years of experience within the security industry, we are perfectly placed to develop your Threat & Risk Assessments on a global scale, providing you with detailed information which is turned into intelligence enabling you to make informed decisions about future activities you may wish to pursue. Our team can also help you develop mitigation strategies aligned with your code of ethics  

Security Industry CPD Organisations

Security CPD Training Providers

Course Development

Psychology of a CP Operative

Do you have a course you wish to develop? we can aid you with the development, writing and construction of your training course, alternatively you may already be teaching it but would like it accredited – if so come and speak to us for advice on achieving your aspirations, as we have already written at least two Level 4 qualifications on the RQF and several specialist courses which are currently running as professional development programs protecting our clients IP

IQA - EQA Services

Are you operating a training company and require the provision of either an Internal or External Quality Assurance consultant with a diverse range of sector knowledge and experience within the following industries

Contact us for further details on how we can help, we also offer discounts to our members  

Close Protection Security CPD

Mystery Shopper

With backgrounds in the Late Night Entertainment Industry, licensing,  Customer Service, Food Hygiene, Policing, Security, and Covert Operations our we people are well placed to investigate and report back on a multitude of industries, products, and services ensuring you get an unbiased report that will enable you to enhance and future proof your business. Make sure your getting value for money contact us today to protect your business

Physical Penetration Testing

We are able to provide Physical Penetration Testing as a core tool in the analysis of your Physical Security Provision, providing the Security Director/Manager with an understanding of potential vulnerabilities within their current provision. 

As a third party, our specialists will conduct a hostile reconnaissance simulating a real-life event without being confined to normal protocols, which will test the resilience of your outer and inner perimeters. 

After the initial survey, the team will conduct a full Physical Penetration attempt whilst detailing the potential vulnerabilities and providing a realistic mitigation report.     

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Independent Security CPD For Professionals



We have supported a wide range of companies and Education Establishments to obtain their accreditations and Training Centres.

We are also able to provide you with a web developer based here in the UK who is a Military Veteran at cost-effective prices for members of Security CPD Global Ltd  

Close Protection Executives

Looking for Executive Protection Operators? We source the right individuals for your particular needs, from a wide range of personnel who are internationally active giving you confidence in their experience worldwide including Ukraine, Mainland Europe, and within the Asian & African Continents  Contact us today info@securitycpd.or

Alternative Roles and Responsibilities of Close Protection Operative (1)

Close Protection Security CPD

We have hidden this way down at the bottom of the page, purely because we understand the requirement to be discreet and not spread pictures or information about our clients on social media – Our team are consultants in their own rights and uphold the values of a professional with a wide knowledge of all things Security whilst demonstrating etiquette, discretion, and dedication to duty and professional development with the core skills to protect and advise should you wish to seek their advice on other matters. 


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