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CPD training is only the beginning

Many people have a perception of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as an easy option or a necessary evil, however, CPD ensures your personal and professional stability enabling you to keep up with your competitors and colleagues.

CPD maintains your client’s confidence in your ability to provide them with proactive solutions and be aware of up-to-date technology or trends that may affect their businesses and ultimately their safety, security, and assets. 

Let’s take RFID as an example, some companies are still using old RFID systems which have now been compromised by technology allowing hostile actors to clone them and gain unrestricted access to their premises and services. CPD gives you the edge over your competitors and those wishing harm against you.   

                                    Aviation Security 

Not all weapons can be detected by metal detectors and Social Engineering of security protocols is still a threat from Cleaners to CEOs, Never underestimate your foe, because they will adapt, and so must you!  

Course Development and Accreditation

Our Educational Consultants who are EQA’s and IQA’s can build and design your courses and where appropriate put them forward for accreditation on the Ofqual framework as nationally recognised qualifications or as graded Awards with a recognised Awarding Organisation.

We have created several Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) courses at Level 3 and Level 4 which are endorsed by one of the UK’s Awarding Organisations.

Created the First Industry Qualification in Physical Penetration Testing at level 4 and a Level 4 in Covert Operations.

Five easy steps:

  • Provide the Course Content
  • We can help provide the Photography and Images or use yours
  • Decide whether you want it on the RQF or Bespoke to your Company
  • Register with an Awarding Body (We can help you to do this)
  • Train your own employees with a recognised qualification

Don’t be fooled into going to a third party, Security CPD Global is fully insured and has developed many courses with various awarding Organisations. We have, IQA’s, EQA’s, who are Course writers that can, write your course and get accredited specifically for you and can deliver your training programs to your instructors ready for roll out to employees.


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Close Target Reconnaisance (CTR)


  • Covert Surveillance Operations (CSO)
  • Mystery Customers (MC’s)
  • Covert Camera Deployment (CCD)
  • Technical Search for CP (TSCP)
  • Self Defence System 
  • International Business Escorts (IBE’s)
  • Asset Protection Operatives (APO’s)
  • Security Drone Operator (SDO)
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